Who We Are


Hastings Progressives was formed in 2021 and is in alignment with the national Indivisible organization. Hastings Progressives is not affiliated with any political party or campaign, nor is it a Political Action Committee (PAC). Indivisible is a grassroots movement of thousands of local groups with a mission to elect progressive leaders and rebuild our democracy.

Hastings Progressives welcomes people of the Hastings community from all political backgrounds who believe in the principles of democracy, equality, human rights, civil rights, non-violence, global peace, and respect for each other. The Hastings Progressives website is a place to post about upcoming events, community activities, and generally inform Hastings community members about local, state, and national issues – political and non-political.

Those wishing to learn more about Hastings Progressives are encouraged to send an email to: [email protected].